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    Nowadays , mentalities change , we want the best for us even , avoiding us the least possible constraints , and this , I understood ! I bring you a Home Service which you dreamed or wish , as your Personal FRENCH COACH / CONSULTANT / THERAPIST ! My care and my education will bring you immediate and lasting beneficial effect ! First , it can be an effective way to get ressourcer , find a calm and serenity often set incorrectly by the life and work Stress ! Then , I can open other perpexctives , to a better Knowledge of YOU through relaxation , breathing , stretching , undulating movements (based on the principle of fluid) , the work focusing on the 7 Chakras , directly related to the Energetics Circuit ! With the fruit of my work and my experiences , I bring you a new concept , based on ancestral concepts ! BACK TO BASICS , BACK TO NATURE , WITH NATURAL METHODS MILLENNIA ! But as a Therapist , I can accompany you on : - Back pain , - Lumbago , - Joint pain (shoulder , elbow , wrist , knee , ankle) , - Stiff neck , - Sciatica , - Work resensitivisation (ends of the fingers) , - Pain related to cancer , or another disease , - ..... My list is not exhaustive , because I can also work on new diseases where the pain is ! I accompanied the HEMIPLEGIC (functional reeducation) , PARKINSON disease , and other cases . I also do a lot of PREVENTION on people . I deal with : - Traditional care , - Magnetism , - Chi (Internal Energy) , - Functional massage , - Stretching , - Dien Cham (facial reflexology) , And most important , listen and learn to trust his interlocutor.... My 37 years of teaching in the Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Sports, Stretching, Chi Cong (Internal Energy), Forms of Yoga, and training allow me to date to give you a personalized program that we develop together ! I started practicing Martial Arts at the age of 7 years, and to this day, I am 55 years old. As a COACH and THERAPIST combined, I bring you Safety, Warrantly, Coaching in that I do with you ! I also give serious courses of Therapist, but only in French. I am also open to any suggestions.... I also would appeal to any investor willing to invest in these new areas , or demand increase more in VIET NAM , where I live . Guaranted return on investment ! DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT HAVING YOUR PERSONAL FRENCH COACH / THERAPIST AT HOME ? You can follow me in my Facebook , too : Franck Dinh (HO CHI MINH VILLE , THERAPIST) . I invite you also to join my group on Viadeo : FORMATIONS DANS LE DOMAINE DE LA SANTE (Training in the field of health) . THANK YOU . Alain-Franck Deprat




D.I.F. F.F.K.A.M.A. (TEACHING MARTIAL ARTS) / TRONC COMMUN B.E.E.S.1 (PATENT STATE OF SPORTS EDUCATOR ., Combinations of the best techniques : Yoga , Relaxation , Meditation , Breathing , Stretching , Powe

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Over 45 years of practice of Martial Arts and Free Fight : Kung-Fu , Vovinam Viet Vo Dao , Boxing French , English , Thai , Karate , Aikido . Former Expert Vovinam Viet Vo Dao , Expert Kung-Fu , Internal Energy , Stretching . Over 25 years of teaching , training . Therapist for about fifteen ...
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- Implantation et mise en place de systemes incendie dans grandes surfaces(Intermarches). - Implantation et mise en place de systeme de video-surveillance (Wanadoo). - Formation et mise en place d'inspecteurs de magasins. - Chef d'equipe incendie(Palais de la Decouverte,Paris). - Protection ...
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